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Date of birth: 29.1.2016
Sire: Pen-Y-Dre Jock 00/331748
Dam: Killiebrae Ale 00/323121
Hip score: 5-6 (B/B)
CEA: clear
MDR1: clear
TNS: clear
NCL: clear
Eye test: OK

Rue has proven to be very useful dog at work, she is resilient and enjoys the challenge of moving tricky sheep. She is fast and sharp, yet she still has a great stamina to work all day long. 


Rue is at ease when helping to move mobs of over 2000 ewes and lambs through the sheep pens, squeezing through gaps without hesitation or fear. She is unfazed by sudden unexpected noises, working happily in our fields right next to active military firing ranges.


In everyday life Rue is a happy 'everyone's friend' -type of dog who loves having cuddles from anyone. She runs well with the rest of the pack and it makes her day if she gets to play with puppies.

Rue ran in the Nursery trials in the winter of 2017/2018 and had few good placings.

Rue moved to South of Finland to a friend of mine in 2018 and will be working and trialing there. 

pic Chrissy Bradley
Parkour Rue