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Valmis Pincer

ISDS 00/344962
Date of Birth: 18.6.2016
Sire: Walk on Dewr 00/344537
Dam: (Päättymätön) Kipinä FI/341930
Hips: good
Elbows: normal
Shoulders: normal
Back: normal
Knees: normal
CEA: clear
IGS: clear
TNS: carrier
SN: clear

Valmis Pincer

Pin (as she's known) is a small but feisty dog. She's very keen and lives to work sheep. Having a lot of eye and a tough spirit she has not been the easiest to train, but she most certainly will never give up and has plenty of push. 

Off sheep in everyday life Pin is easy going and very laid-back. She's calm about the house when left to her own devices but explodes with enthusiasm when activities and toys are offered to her. She loves tug of war and is easily motivated with treats. She's not the sensitive type and isn't bothered by noises or changes in her environment.

Valmis Pincer
pic Mari Hakala
Pin 1,5 years old
pic Mari Hakala
pic Mari Hakala
Valmis Champ and Valmis Pincer
pic Mari Hakala
Pin 1 year old
Pin 2 years old