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High Ash Mozz

Date of Birth: 3.12.2016
Sire: Sailor 00/331801
Damn: High Ash Kate 00/335116

Mozzie joined our pack in March 2018 at the age of 15 months. He is a smooth worker, has good natural outruns and lovely forward gear. Mozz has been very trainable and easy to work with as if anything goes wrong he doesn't get sour on you. With very little training behind him i was able to throw him in the lambing work team as he has good sheep sense and nice flow when working big mobs.

Mozz is a big athletic dog full of energy. He's very friendly with all people and dogs and is easy to have around anywhere. He stands well on his own feet and is a confident type of dog. 

High Ash Mozz lambing
Mozz on lambing duty
Mozzie 1,5 years old
Mozz 15 months old

Mozz working at 16 months of age