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Päättymätön Kipinä

ISDS Kipinä FI/341930
Date of Birth 6.6.2014
Sire: Killiebrae Flint ISDS 00/305344
Dam: Killiebrae One ISDS 00/317007
Hip score: 6-4 (B1)
CEA: clear
IGS: carrier
TNS: carrier
Eye test: OK
Kipi in Koiranet (Finnish dog database):


Kipi 3 years old
Kipi 3 years old
Kipi just under 1 year old
Kipi just under 1 year old

pic Jessica Saukkonen

I bought Kipi as a pup from a friend of mine in Finland. She is the offspring of a Killibrae dog and bitch which were sold to my friend Jepu Kilponen whilst I worked for Derek Scrimgeour. At work Kipi is natural, sensible and is definitely the best listener I've ever owned. She is a joy to have in our everyday work team.

Kipi had a successful Nursery season in the winter of 2016-2017, she consistently placed including several firsts, and was a member of the Pennine Interclub winning Holme Sheepdog Society team, finishing second overall in the individual competition. Kipi also qualified to run in the English Nursery Final. She has progressed to run in Open trials in the spring 2017 and has been placed several times in the English and Welsh Opens.

Kipi now lives in North England and runs in the Open trials with her new owners. 

Kipi web
Kipi 3 years old
Kipi at work with Valmis Champ
Kipi in Snowdonia
Kipi on lambing duty.
Kipi on lambing duty.