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Comebye Jazz x Finn

Born 28th September 2015

10 Days Old
10 Days Old
1 Week Old
1 Day Old
1 Day Old

Finn 00/323063

ISDS 00/323063
Sire: Joe (A Wallace)
Dam: Moy (A Wallace)
Owner: Derek Scrimgeour

Link to Finn's own page at 

Pedigree of Finn

Valmis Champ (bitch)
* owner Anni Ritakallio, England
* hips normal, shoulders normal

Valmis Putte (bitch)
* owner Hannah Jackson, England

Valmis Jukka (bitch)
* owner Riikka Olkkonen, Finland
* died in a work accident

Valmis Clint (dog) 
* owner Aino Mutka, Finland
* hips C/B, shoulders OCD
* link to 

Valmis Blackjack (dog)
* owner Jonna Paasila, Finland
* hips: unofficially right hip D, left B. OCD on right shoulder
* put down due to health issues
* link to 

Valmis Cassidy (dog)
* owner Miriam Golebiewska, Poland
* hips normal