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Comebye Jazz x Groesfaen Ben

Jazz was mated with Groesfaen Ben on 19th May 2013. I had really set my heart on keeping a bitch from the litter but as fate would have it on 18th July Jazz gave birth to a litter of 6 healthy dog puppies. In keeping with the masculine theme I decided to name the litter after 6 of the world’s greatest boxers; Tyson, Cassius, Lennox, Bruno, Floyd and Sonny.


Here are some pictures of the boys.

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Photograph by R. Scrimgeour www.bordercollie.gb.com

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Groesfaen Ben

Date of Birth:

ISDS: 00/314584

Sire: Roy 00/266416 (Aled Owen)



Dam: Kate 00/270459 (click image for pedigree)

Kate 00/270459
Kate 00/270459
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Ben currently lives, works and trials in Norway. At the time of his pairing with Jazz he was owned and trained by English National Winner, Derek Scrimgeour. Derek believes Groesfaen Ben is the closest dog he has had to his highly successful and much admired 'Old' Ben 00/220939.


Derek describes Groesfaen Ben as being ‘classy’ and a really good listener, possessing great flanks and outrun, and being powerful and enthusiastic.


Ben is a great trainer, able to remain focussed and willing, regardless of the intensity of the session. Those in the know believe Ben is a great trial prospect for the future.



Puppy pyramid.
Sonny 5 weeks
Floyd 5 weeks
Bruno 5 weeks
Cassius 5 weeks
Mom-Jazz & Floyd
Lennox & Bruno 5 weeks
Cassius 5 weeks
Valmis Lennox
Valmis Cassius
Floyd, Lennox and Bruno
Sonny 4 weeks
Bruno 4 weeks
Lennox and Sonny