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Valmis Champ

ISDS 00/340600
Date of birth: 28.9.2015
Sire: Finn 00/323063
Dam: Comebye Jazz 00/308594
Hip score: OK
Eye test: OK
CEA: clear
TNS: clear
MDR1: clear
NCL: clear

Champ is a daughter of my Comebye Jazz by Derek Scrimgeour's Finn. She has been very keen to work sheep since she was puppy and was quick to train. Champ is a fast and pushy type of dog, sometimes a bit hard to hold back, but that's one of the traits I love most about her. She has  so much heart at work  she never gives up no matter how much is asked of her. I like to say "Champ never lets me down". Despite her young age she has quickly become my 'go to' dog at work, which to me speaks volumes in itself. 


In everyday life Champ is a happy dog who loves people, playing and running. She's not afraid of noises, strange surfaces or unfamiliar places and settles down easily in new surroundings. Champ isn't the most social type with other dogs, not aggressive, just preferring to have her own space. 

Rue and Champ