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Killiebrae Ale x Chap

Alien was mated with Jackie Goulder's dog Chap on 31st May 2014. I am delighted to announce that Alien gave birth to 9 healthy pups (5 bitches, 4 dogs) in the early hours of 31st July 2014.


I'm expecting the pups to become strong work dogs with plenty of stamina. They should also be suitable for other dog sports from agility to search and rescue.  I'm very excited about what the future will bring for these guys! 

Killiebrae Ale 


Date of Birth: 09.10.2012

ISDS: 00/323727

Sire: Killiebrae Laddie 00/262753

Dam: Lyn 00/317090

Hip Score: 14 (B1)

CEA: DNA Clear

For more info and videos check Aliens own page from the menu bar above.


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Date of Birth: 11/07/2011

ISDS: ROM 00/329795

Sire: Shep 00/271409 (G R Harland)

Dam: Skip (E Barron)

CEA: DNA Clear


Modestly described by his owner and handler as "a good all round trial/hill/work dog". Chap is a strong, steady dog, responsive to handle with a good feel for sheep. He doesn't upset the sheep, naturally knowing when to give space. Chap also has the power and presence to always move even the most stubborn ewes. 

In everyday life Chap is a calm and easy going dog. 

Chap is Registered on Merit and qualified to run in the 2014 English National Sheepdog Trial. To see Chap and Jackie Goulder's run at the National 




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